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Health and safety

7 May 2018 (by SUE MELLOR (sue mellor))

Keeping all our children safe

Please help us to keep all our children safe ALL the time. The pedestrian gate at the top of the school drive was damaged a couple of weeks ago. A member of staff in the school office buzzed someone in through this gate but unfortunately, instead of waiting for the automated gate to open, it was forced open thus breaking the motor beyond repair. We are waiting for a new motor to be fitted which will hopefully happen in the next few days. In the meantime, the pedestrian gate is padlocked at night and the sliding lock is used during the school day. If parents need to access school during school hours, please press the buzzer before entering through the gate so that we are aware of who is entering school during the day. We very much hope that this matter will be rectified quickly. Last week, it was reported to me by a member of staff in school, that as they entered through the main drive gates in their car, an adult and child rushed through these gates whilst they were still open and walked their child down the school drive. This is extremely dangerous - firstly because these are electronic gates designed for vehicles and therefore programmed with a vehicle [and not pedestrian] sensor and secondly, the drive is for vehicles and is NOT a safe place for children to be. Please use the playground gates when arriving and leaving school with your child. Dogs on school grounds Please could I remind everyone that dogs are not allowed anywhere in the school grounds - this is a rule for all schools and not just ours. If you walk your dog to school at the beginning or end of the school day, please DO NOT bring them on to the school grounds. Recently we have seen dogs tied up inside the school grounds and this is not allowed. Please help to keep all our children safe all the time. Thank you. Mrs Mellor