Here are some policies which the parents of children in the Foundation Class may find useful

The Foundation Stage Policy

Reading Policy

Phonics Policy

Phonics Guidance for parents 



Here are some photographs of the Foundation children on their visit to Conisbrough Castle. Spot the children dressing up like people who lived in castle times and looking out over Conisbrough from the very top of the keep!

Here are some photographs of the Foundation children in their outdoor area. Spot the children being playground inspectors checking that the playground is safe before all the children come outside. The children have placed signs in the woods to protect the daffodils which are growing taller every day. You will also see our café inspectors at work too - inspecting the café at the end of the day to see if it is tidy and ready for opening in the morning!

Here are the Foundation children working as a team in the outdoors - moving, building, looking, working together and generally having great fun!!

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