Year 1

Here are some photographs of our trip to Sherwood Forest this year, taking part in the Animal homes workshop and sketching The Major Oak

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Welcome to Year 1

The information on this page provides you with the broad objectives your child will be covering this term and year. In Year 1 we aspire for your child to be increasingly independent thinkers and learners . Year1  has more formal learning than the Foundation Stage and a gradual transition will occur over the course of the year.


I will be using Class Dojo to set homework weekly on Fridays and would like it done by the following Wednesday please and submitted via Class Dojo. Your child will have a homework book to complete this in. Please keep this at home. Spellings will be set weekly and closely linked to the children's phonic program which will be Read, Write, Inc.

In Literacy we will be reading the stories of Julia Donaldson. Our small world is set up  so that the children can read stories and act out these stories. We will be reading about different types of Toys from board games to jigsaws and mechanical toys to puppets.

READING and PHONICS Your child will read daily in RWInc and more if they need extra support. Once will be a group guided read. The new phonics program Read ,Write, Inc is tailored to your child and reading books will be given out according to this program along with 1 other library book. Please read daily at home . It is vital that children master reading now at this age so that they can read to learn later. Oxford Owl has some fantastic reading resources free to access.


In Year 1 handwriting is practised daily in school on lined paper. We want the children to write the letters and numbers the correct way around so that they will be able to join later. Practising writing at home is also vital. You can just write a sentence or phrase a day . There are so many ways to stimulate writing..some ideas-What was your favourite food today? Tell me what you can see out of the window. How does this object feel? What can you hear? 

MATHS follows White Rose Maths the Abacus scheme and you all have links to access the online maths games and support. Topmarks also has great maths games on to review and consolidate learning. Maths targets this term are -Be able to count to 100 from any number forwards and backward in 2s. Know all doubles to 5. Know all halves of numbers to 5. Know number bonds of each number 4,5,6,7,8 and 10

ie Number 4






Use manipulatives or counting objects like pencils, counters to illustrate these. These facts need to be instant recall.

Key Instant Recall Facts


In Music we follow the Charanga music scheme and supplement by listening to Haydns Toy Symphony and think about the toy-like sounds it creates. We will also listen to Indian drums to compose a motif for our Indian rod puppets to dance to. In the Charanga scheme we are learning a chorus In the Groove and using it to understand the different styles of music ie Baroque and 12 Bar Blues.

Our PE lessons will resume this year with our new scheme GetsetPE. We are learning to Dance and core skills Please make sure your childs' PE kit is in school and labelled. PE days are Mondays and Fridays.


In Art we are learning about the artisan puppet makers of India.We will make rod puppets after designing and watching them in action in Rahjistan. We will learn to mould, shape materials such as paper, card and  material in order to make a rod puppet to perform a dance. In DT we will plan, design and sew a finger puppet and evaluate this with 3 stars and a wish.

In RE we will be learning about JUDAISM and the stories Jews love to tell and also about SALVATION  -The  Passion of Christ .We will learn about other World religions and Views looking at their festivals and beliefs. In Year 1 we study Judaism. We will be asking Big Questions about life, If you were to change one thing about the world what would it be?

In  Science  the children will  be experimenting with and learning about MATERIALS.

I hope this gives you a flavour of the exciting things we are going to study this term and help you widen and support the children's learning from home.

Here's to a productive and continued exciting learning journey for your children ,

Mrs Hindle 


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